Apartment Serena

The apartment is capable of sleeping up to 6 people in 3 bedrooms. The bedrooms are in the form of two twins and one double. This can be extended to accommodate a further 2/3 by allowing children to sleep in the wellness area which is accessed from the family en-suite.

The lounge  area has satellite TV allowing those who require their fix of sport or news to relax in relative quiet (while the noisy ones are downstairs in the bar). For further entertainment in the bar area there is a CD player with a selection of compilation CDs. Feel free to bring your own. There is a radio in the Lounge/Kitchen/Dining area. Tirolian music for a week isn't too bad. To be honest its mainly English music though don't expect too much up to date chart music. There is a fully fitted kitchen allowing you to cook and prepare meals should you wish to eat in. For further convenience there is also a fitted microwave to heat up the quick snacks. The Fridge/Freezer allowing ample room to keeping the beers cool. In the Dining room should you feel chilly or feel the need to warm them toes up a bit, there's a wood fire to get things roaring. In the evening the view from the lounge gives the opportunity to watch the floodlit night skiing/tobogganing on the Gaisberg. There is a floodlit piste on 2/3 nights a week.

Contact: steve@kirchberg.co.uk